Bad Shower Habits That Are Taking a Toll on Your Plumbing

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Showers are a part of everyone’s daily routine. It is also essential to our well-being since it keeps us refreshed and clean. 

But, did you know that certain shower habits can take a toll on your plumbing? Many people are not aware that certain habits such as showering for too long, leaving hair in your drain, or leaving puddles of water on the floor after showering can harm their plumbing system. Don’t worry, here’s an easy guide to ensure your plumbing stays in good shape. 

Long, Hot Showers

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower after a long hard day. It helps both your body and mind relax. There is nothing wrong with taking hot showers, just try to limit them so you aren’t in the shower for too long. 

Long, hot showers result in the formation of steam throughout the bathroom. While the steam may be good for your skin, it isn’t for the walls and pipes. With time, you will notice mold forming in various spaces in the bathroom.  

Mold is a toxic chemical that can result in serious health issues, the seriousness depends on the time of exposure a person has had to it. As far as plumbing goes, once the mold spreads to the pipes, it starts to deteriorate them, making them less effective. 

Therefore, the next time you are in the mood for a hot shower, keep it short. 

Leaving Hair in Your Drains

Leaving a few strands of hair in the drain never hurt anyone, right? Wrong, hair is a nuisance when it comes to plumbing because it results in clogged drains and pipes. A few strands every day will collect in the drain resulting in a clog.

You want to protect your drain from hair and the best way to do that is with a drain stopper. The stopper will catch all your hair and prevent it from clogging up the drain. Make sure you clean the stopper every other day so hair doesn’t accumulate on it because it will make it difficult for the water to pass through to the drain. 

Ignoring Hard Water Build Up

The water from the shower may appear harmless but can be damaging to your plumbing. Water from the shower is rich in minerals and therefore, considered hard. Hard water results in mineral deposits which can lead to buildups. The deposits usually affect various parts of your bathroom from clogging up your showerhead to buildups in your plumbing system. The buildups in pipes result in water pressure issues and drains can get clogged so badly that you will need to call in professional drain cleaners to clear it out. 

Leaving Water On the Floor

Most people ignore the small puddles of water on the bathroom floor after showering. The puddles might be harmless at first, but if the habit continues you risk disaster. Not only can they lead to injury due to someone slipping but can also result in water damage and mold.

Standing water in your bathroom can lead to warping, delamination or even wood rot of your bathroom’s floor or subfloor. Not cleaning up the water on the floor today, after a shower can potentially end up costing you a lot of money tomorrow. So be sure to keep your bathroom floor dry.

Have An Expert Address Your Plumbing Problems Today!

If you carry on with the habits mentioned above, you will often experience plumbing problems in your bathroom. The bathroom is one such space where you can’t ignore such problems because it is an essential part of your home. You spend hours in it using the toilet, showering, and getting ready. 

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