No Digging! Trenchless Water Main Replacement with Miles

If you’re facing the need for water main replacement on Vancouver Island, safeguard your property and save money by calling on the expertise of Miles. We specialize in performing water main installations that don’t require tearing up your landscape. Why opt for trenchless water main repair? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional open-cut water line replacements.
  • Minimal excavation means your backyard, driveway, and landscaping remain intact.
  • It’s eco-friendly and requires minimal set-up space.
  • Miles’ no-dig technique completes the work in half the time it would take using traditional methods.



Symptoms of a Broken Water Line

A broken water line or a leak in your water main may go unnoticed during the wet seasons, hidden by a damp yard or snow cover. However, as conditions dry, look out for the following tell-tale signs of a problem:

  • Persistent wet and mushy patches in your yard.
  • An unusually high water bill over consecutive periods.
  • Turn off the internal water valve in your home and observe the water meter. If it continues to move, you likely have a broken water main.

Should you require water main maintenance or a full replacement, Miles’ drainage and sewer experts are up to the task.


Fast and Reliable Main Water Line Services

Avoid property damage and costly excavations thanks to Miles’ innovative no-dig techniques and pipe bursting technology. Once you schedule an appointment, a licensed and qualified technician will assess your property and offer a free estimate for any required repairs or replacements.

With an extensive fleet of service vehicles, you can count on Miles’ professionals being readily available to offer timely and affordable services. Our team is highly skilled in trenchless water main replacement, repairs, and maintenance. We are committed to respecting both your property and your budget at all times.

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