Looking for the services of a certified local gas fitter in Victoria, BC? At Miles Plumbing and Gas Services, we’ve got you covered.

Given its reliability and availability, an increasing number of homeowners in Canada are opting to use gas over electricity to power up their appliances. While gas lines are becoming increasingly popular, they are also one of the riskiest to handle in terms of installation, repair and maintenance.

Gas lines are as important as plumbing lines when it comes to comfort. They are responsible for powering up your hot water tank, furnaces, fireplaces and dryers — among many other appliances. Efficient gas lines can keep your home warm, dry and comfortable.

Miles Plumbing and Gas Services Ltd offers the same high quality installation and repairs for gas systems as we do for plumbing lines. Customers in Victoria often turn to our highly trained local HVAC, hot water tank and fireplace technicians for assistance with complex repairs. Our service professionals are experienced in performing code-compliant gas repairs, all while observing safety protocols at all times.


Our Services

Miles Plumbing & Gas Services provides installation, service and repairs of all natural gas and propane products and appliances.

This includes:


Damaged or Aging Gas Lines Can Be Risky

Gas systems involve a complex system of tubes and pipes, which are laid out during construction of the property. While gas lines are extremely useful, they also pose risks due to potentially dangerous situations that can arise. For example, a small leak left unaddressed can generate gas that can ignite if you strike a match or hold a flame (even so much as a small birthday candle) in the area.

Why wait for major problems to occur before calling for professional gas fitters?

Gas lines inevitably need repairs as they wear down over the years. Our certified service professionals ensure that any potential issues are resolved quickly, so that you can have your gas systems working perfectly again. We never make quick-fixes and make it a point to resolve the problem completely.

Feel free to contact us for emergency problems as well as for regular gas inspection and maintenance requirements. Take advantage of Victoria natural gas rebates and the best prices for installation of furnaces, hot water tanks and tankless water heaters.


Benefits of Hiring a Trusted Gas Fitter in Victoria, BC

There are several advantages to hiring professional gas fitters for inspection, installation and repairs:

1. Prevent Emergency Situations and Reduce Risks

By having professional technicians to inspect the full length of your gas line, you can forestall potential disasters from occurring. Our experienced crew will inspect the gas line from the entry point to the exit for dents, corrosion, damage or breakages. Professional gas fitters carry along the latest equipment and tools for repairs to correct problems.


2. Assessment of the Actual Condition of the System

Hiring a skilled gas technician to check the piping, entry and exit points can highlight hidden problems and address them before they worsen. Gas systems are complex and accurate information is typically required before implementing any repairs. We use the most modern techniques for diagnosis and testing before suggesting suitable solutions.


3. Take Advantage of Additional Services

With our team on their side, our customers enjoy better peace of mind. In addition to gas repair and maintenance, our customers are welcome to take advantage of our top-notch plumbing services as well.

We are always happy to answer questions, clarify your doubts and provide information regarding your gas lines and systems. Moreover, a properly serviced gas system works efficiently and can save you hundreds of valuable dollars in utility bills.

Our customers are assured of energy-efficient HVAC, heaters and furnaces designed for long-term usage.


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It’s always better to avoid risky DIY repairs and fixes when it comes to gas lines. Investing a nominal sum in regular inspection and maintenance can prevent major expenses down the line and reduce risks to life and property. To learn more about our gas fitting services, call us or fill out our online form to book an appointment today!