Boiler Services in Vancouver Island

Boiler Repair & Installation

Miles has been a trusted name in boiler installation, maintenance, and repair on Vancouver Island for more than 40 years. As a long-standing authority in home heating, we provide a broad selection of boiler types and models, all affordably priced to suit your specific needs.

What Are Boilers and How Do They Operate?

Boilers operate differently from forced air systems. They heat water to generate “wet heat,” either as steam or hot water. This heat is then distributed via a system of pipes, ensuring even and cozy warmth across homes or businesses. Boilers in Vancouver Island come in an array of sizes to cater to diverse needs and their efficiency can range from around 81% to high-efficiency units that exceed 90%.

Boiler Services Vancouver IslandBoiler Services Vancouver Island


Boiler System Maintenance

To maintain your boiler’s performance, safety, and efficiency, regular maintenance is essential. With over 40 years of trusted service in the Vancouver Island area, you can rely on Miles for top-notch boiler repair and more.

Incorrect boiler installation can be hazardous, causing severe injuries and significant damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the installation done by certified experts. All Miles technicians are highly trained, capable of assessing your home or building layout, engineering the system to precise standards, fine-tuning the pressure, and confirming that water lines are the appropriate size.

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