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Our skilled HVAC technicians are ready to address any furnace issues you may have. We offer Professional Furnace Installation & Repair in Vancouver Island

We also offer Yearly Furnace Maintenance plans. Maintain safe carbon monoxide levels and optimize your energy bills by scheduling your next annual maintenance with us. Our comprehensive 24-point inspection identifies and tackles any emerging issues in your furnace system, ensuring peak safety and performance. Upon completing the inspection, our experts will offer recommendations on worn components or potential upgrades

Furnace Installation & Replacement: High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces

Contact us, your Vancouver Island furnace installation specialists, to guide you in selecting the furnace that’s perfect for your home. We provide FREE on-site quotes for installing your new high-efficiency natural gas furnace. Switching to a high-efficiency model can not only elevate your comfort but also slash your energy bills by as much as 37%. Furnace efficiency is gauged by its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), typically expressed in percentages. Furnaces are classified based on their operating mechanisms and heat distribution methods; your furnace will fall under one of these categories:

Temperature stabilization Energy Efficiency
Single Stage Furnace Poor 80% AFUE
Two Stage or Dual Stage Furnace Good 96% AFUE
Modulating or Variable Furnace Excellent 98.2% AFUE

Single Stage Furnace

The gas flame operates in a simple ON or OFF mode. When the indoor temperature drops, the furnace kicks in, emitting a strong burst of warm air to quickly heat your home. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the thermostat turns off the system, resetting the cycle for the next drop in temperature. Single-stage furnaces may not be the most energy-efficient option, but they are generally the most affordable to buy.

Two-Stage Furnaces

This furnace type has three settings: “on/high,” “on/low,” or “off.” The additional low-flame setting significantly reduces energy costs. Two-stage furnaces are also quieter and come at a moderately higher price point.

Modulating or Variable Furnaces

This is the pinnacle of comfort in gas heating. Unlike single- and two-stage furnaces that result in temperature fluctuations, a modulating furnace constantly fine-tunes its settings. This prevents the common issues of cold spots and overheating in different rooms. The furnace operates smoothly, maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature throughout your home while also being quieter and more efficient.

With an efficiency rating of 98% AFUE, variable gas furnaces are the top performers in energy efficiency.

Below, you can compare the efficiency levels of single-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces when your home’s thermostat is set to the target temperature of 72°F

Repair or Upgrade?

Uncertain whether to repair your malfunctioning furnace or opt for a new one?

Adhere to the 50% Golden Rule: “If the cost of repairing your furnace surpasses 50% of the system’s worth, it’s smarter to invest in a new unit.”

* Based on data from the Lennox Energy Savings Calculator


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