How to Determine Whether You Need to Repair or Replace Your Toilet

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As a homeowner, you likely think a whole lot more about renovating your kitchen and living space than you do about repairing your toilet. In fact, unless you already have a plan in place to fix up your bathroom, you may not even think twice about repairing or replacing your toilet.

Although you may not want to admit it, your toilet needs to be replaced sooner or later. If you’re like many homeowners that our experts, at Miles Plumbing & Gas Services Ltd., work with, you may not know much about toilet installation and replacements or where to even start! 

Have no fear; we’re here to quickly break down the biggest signs that it’s finally time to repair or replace your toilet.

Signs You Need a Toilet Repair

You’ve likely guessed by now that there’s more than just one sign to look out for if you’re wondering whether you need to replace your toilet. Your toilet is one of the most-used fixtures in your entire house, so it doesn’t make much sense to use it every day without knowing how to tell that it needs a repair!

There are, generally speaking, a few main signs to watch for in order to determine whether you need to repair your toilet.

Firstly, if you’re hearing strange sucking and gurgling noises every time you flush, there’s a good chance that your drain vents have become backed up and clogged with gunk. When these vents get too clogged, sewer gases have no way to escape through them and start causing gas to create suction and gurgling noises.

Other telltale signs that it’s time for a toilet repair are issues with constant clogging and faulty flushing that you can’t seem to resolve yourself. If you’re encountering these issues, then it’s best to contact professionals to safely unclog your toilet and restore its functionality to normal.

Signs It’s Time to Replace an Old Toilet

Older toilets, even ones that are just a decade or so old, can start to show their age in a few ways. Whether you’re noticing rising water bills or regular leakages, it’s often recommended that you replace an older toilet if you’ve called a plumber more than a few times in the past couple of years.

It is recommended that you replace your older toilet with more energy-efficient and reliable models such as low-flow toilets. It’s a good idea to replace an old toilet with a low-flow model if you’re ready to use less water than that used in conventional high-flow toilets.

How to Properly Care for Your Toilet

Now that you have a new and more energy-efficient toilet, it’s time to learn a little about the best ways to care for it. The first and easiest way to keep your toilet in good condition is by regularly brushing and scrubbing your toilet bowl on a weekly basis. Remember to use a disinfecting agent and to scrub as many stains and marks away as possible. 

Additionally, regularly spray your toilet bowl with disinfectant and flush your toilet once a month with a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and warm or hot water. 

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