Plumbing History

Plumbing is not a recent invention. As early as 3500 BC emperors were fast at work creating extensive and elaborate waste removal systems.

About 2500 BC
Evidence that drainage system existed where waste water flowed from the house to a main system.

About 80 AD
Empires such as the Ottoman began to levy taxes on the use of toilets.

About 1200 AD
In Europe, people called scavengers, built public toilets for profit.

1596 AD
Mr. J.D. Harrington invents the WC or better known as the W Crapper.

1889 AD
The application of sewage treatment was used for the first time.

1980 AAD
Auto controlled public toilets are implemented.

History Of Public Toilets

In medieval Europe the practice of throwing ones excrement into the street was common. Creating a vast area of expertise truly has its challenges.