Trenchless Pipe Repair with Miles

Preserve the beauty of your yard while taking care of essential pipe repairs. We understand the value you place on your well-maintained lawn and garden. The last thing you’d want is to have it torn apart for a repair job. That’s why Miles offers trenchless pipe repair services for:

  • Water Main Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Drain Tile

No matter what type of pipe you need to replace, we’ve got you covered. We make the process as convenient as possible, completing it quickly and efficiently.


What is Trenchless Repiping?

Miles employs trenchless pipe repair technology to fix your water or sewer lines without causing widespread disruption to your property. Trenchless repiping is a technique where the pipes are repaired without the need to excavate the entire affected area. This is usually accomplished by using a pipe pull method, which extracts the old pipe while simultaneously pulling a new one into place using a specialized installation head.


Advantages of Trenchless Repiping:

  • Can often be completed within a single day
  • Avoids damage to lawns, gardens, and patios
  • Generally less expensive than traditional excavation methods


Unsure if you need to repair or replace your existing drainage system? Our drainage specialists can perform camera inspections to assess the condition of your water or sewer lines and recommend appropriate solutions.

When you choose Miles for your drainage needs, you can rest assured that your property will experience minimal disruption. If you have questions about getting your water or sewer lines back to peak performance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re happy to provide a FREE estimate for your home or business.

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