What to Expect From a Drain Camera Inspection

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It’s usually easy to recognize if there is a plumbing issue in your home. However, much of the time the issue occurs below ground or out of sight — and a drain camera inspection is the only way to truly discover the problem. Let’s discuss the procedure itself, the issues it can discover and what other benefits a drain camera inspection can offer to your home plumbing system.

What is a plumbing drain camera inspection?

During the procedure, a certified technician will push a cable with a high-resolution drain pipe camera on the end into the sewer or drain lines. These flexible cables travel through the lines and inspect the piping for damage or debris. Because the camera can access areas that a plumber’s eye alone cannot, it is the most effective way to get a visual of the inside of the pipes and lines in your home.

A drain pipe video camera can fit inside lines ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter. Many cameras have transmitters that indicate exactly where the issue is. The technician can also see the video footage in real-time, allowing them to immediately identify any plumbing issues that may be present.

How does the inspection start?

When performing a drain camera inspection, a licenced plumber will locate the best access point and feed the camera inside the sewer lines. They may need to insert the camera through multiple access points to get a complete picture. If there is damage or a blockage that prevents the camera from passing through, alternative courses of action may be taken.

What are the benefits of a drain camera inspection?

Conducting a drain camera inspection ensures that plumbing issues are found and properly dealt with. This offers great peace of mind for homeowners and helps to avoid larger issues in the future. The inspection itself also does not require holes to be dug or cut in the walls, making it a safer and non-invasive procedure.

When should you have a drain camera inspection performed?

If there is a plumbing issue in your home, a drain camera inspection is suggested. Problems such as backed up sewers, an overflowing toilet or clogs are all indications that something is wrong. It is also highly recommended when purchasing a new home or planning a renovation.

How much does a drain camera inspection cost?

As with all services, the price and quality of service varies for each company. It is highly suggested to inquire about pricing upfront. You can also ask to watch the inspection and keep a copy of any receipts afterwards as well.

What types of issues can the inspection show?

A drain camera inspection can detect deformed pipes, crushed pipes, cracks and misaligned joints. The inspection will also show any blockages or buildups, which are commonly caused by grease, paper or hair. The procedure can also identify concerns caused from things outside of the home — such as encroaching tree roots.

Leave it to the professionals

Hiring a certified and experienced technician is key to a successful drain camera inspection. The inside of pipes are not typically clean, which means it takes a professional to know what to look for.

At Miles Plumbing Services Ltd., our plumbing team has the necessary knowledge and experience to properly diagnose your plumbing problem.

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