Low Flow Toilets

In the last few years green plumbing technology has improved dramatically and there are now hundreds of new, green plumbing products on the market such as low flow toilets.

Click the link below to read the “Canadian Water And Wastewater Association” toilet performance report:
Maximum Performance Testing Of Popular Toilet Models – May 2009

Although virtually all toilet models sold in Canada meet the flush volume and performance requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), there remains some question as to whether models that meet the minimum certification requirements also meet the expectations of the consumer.

Most toilet fixtures destined for residential and light commercial applications exceed customer performance expectations while flushing with no more than 6 litres (1.6 gallons).

However, research concluded in 2003 that there were also some certified and commercially available models that did not meet customer expectations.

1) Fixtures that fail to meet the 6-litre maximum flush requirements of the CSA result in toilets that flush with either too much or too little water; and

2) Fixtures that do not flush effectively usually result in customer complaints and occasionally the need for double flushing.