Green Plumbing and Low Flow Toilets

Recent advances in green plumbing have brought us numerous eco-friendly products. Among these, low flow toilets stand out for their efficiency and environmental benefits.

Low flow toilets have significantly impacted the market with their water-saving capabilities. Although most toilets in Canada comply with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, consumers often wonder if these models meet their expectations.

Meeting Consumer Expectations

Most residential and commercial toilets exceed expectations by using no more than 6 litres per flush. Yet, research up to 2003 showed some models did not satisfy users. The main issues were:

  1. Some toilets did not adhere to the CSA’s 6-litre flush limit. This resulted in either excessive or insufficient flushing.
  2. Inefficient flushing often led to complaints or the need for a second flush.

Low flow toilets are pivotal for sustainable living. They ensure water conservation while providing the functionality consumers expect. Choosing these toilets means embracing a future where green technology meets daily needs effectively.

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