The Spring Cleaning Checklist

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The season for a nice, long spring clean up session is fast approaching. Take it from us: spring is the best time of the year for homeowners to get back into their regular plumbing and drain cleaning schedule.

At Miles Plumbing, we’re happy to offer our customers this quick and comprehensive guide on everything that goes into a good, thorough spring clean up session. We hope that once you’ve taken a look at our quick tips and tricks to keep in mind when cleaning your home this coming spring, you’ll realize how quick and easy it can be.

Tip #1: Clean Behind Your Toilet

Toilets build up nasty germs and bacteria in your home — and more often than not, there are at least a few that you regularly use. Bathrooms are easy to overlook when you’re doing your spring cleaning, so it’s important to double-check that you scrub both the front and back of your toilet with the right equipment (and for a long enough time).

Use wiping materials that don’t cling to lint (such as microfiber cloths, as well as a surface cleaner with bleaching agents) to scrub down behind your toilet until it’s strain-free. Our plumbing professionals also recommend that you clean your toilet thoroughly at least a few times a year, to avoid the build-up of grime and sludge in your plumbing system. 

Tip #2: Empty Your Gutters

Another simple task that’s easy to forget is clearing your gutters during spring cleaning. Gutters are notorious for accumulating dirt and debris from outside, which can cause trouble for other parts of your home.

Make sure to regularly examine your gutter to avoid replacing and repairing it. At Miles Plumbing, our professionals are highly experienced in inspecting gutters and recommending new parts to ensure that homeowners don’t experience lasting gutter damage down the road.

Tip #3: Clean Your Drains

Most homeowners don’t think about plumbing until disaster strikes. Ignoring your plumbing problems until the last minute leads to property damage and costly repairs. Clogged drains pose risks to your property and can prove to be a health hazard as well.

You first want to use a plunger to clear your drain but if that doesn’t work (and it won’t work if the problem is a complex one), then it’s time to contact your local plumbing specialists. Our certified staff has the drain cleaning know-how to resolve plumbing problems with drainage systems and can resolve issues without posing further risks to your property.

Tip #4: Clean Your Garbage Disposal 

Clean your garbage disposal, along with the other essential parts of your house during spring. Dirty garbage disposals can eventually stop working because of the gunk they accumulate — and this can increase your electric costs. 

By properly cleaning your garbage disposal, you can ignore plumbing issues with backed-up pipes and sludge-filled water in your home. If you believe there’s a plumbing issue in your home due to faulty garbage disposal, get in touch with your local service professionals. 

Tip #5: Check Pipes For Leaks or Drips

You don’t want to wait to get plumbing assistance with your home’s pipes until you hear them making unusual noises. As such, it’s important to check your pipes to avoid corrosion from water or backed-up drain systems. 

It’s not easy to deal with leaking and overflowing pipes once the problem has started. Fortunately, our team at Miles Plumbing has the know-how to help replace leaking and faulty pipes to restore service in your home. 

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