What These Sounds Say About Your Drain

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The sounds that your drain makes can say a lot about the state of your plumbing. Issues with your house’s plumbing are often tough to notice, especially if you have no idea what those strange sounds signify. Some of these sounds represent mild problems that can be fixed in an instant, while others might be indicative of issues that need professional drain cleaning services.

Whistling Bathroom Pipes

It’s not uncommon to hear water running through your home’s pipes. In fact, it’s normal for your pipes to get noisy during certain parts of a busy day. Homes are composed of different materials that expand and contract during the day, your pipes included. Some noises, though, may indicate a problem with your pipes that aren’t just due to the weather outside. 

Whistling coming from bathroom pipes is usually a telltale sign that your water flow is disrupted in one way or another. Odd noises that sound like whistles or squeals can mean that water in your pipes is having trouble flowing. The typical culprits behind the improper flow of water include irregular water pressure and velocity.

Whistling pipes in your bathroom happen when the water pressure or velocity is too high. When water pressure and velocity reach very high levels, water will start to flow slowly and will struggle to get through the openings in your plumbing. 

Check to see if high pressure and velocity are causing strange noises by closing the shut-off valve on your wall or reducing your water main-line pressure. Our team at Miles Plumbing & Gas Services can also help inspect whistling bathroom pipes as part of our drain cleaning services to provide our clients with a properly functioning plumbing system in their bathroom.

Gurgling Drain Pipes

Among all of the strange noises that your plumbing system can make, a gurgling sound in your drain is among the strangest. Gurgling noises coming from the drain typically mean that water or air is having trouble getting through your pipes. 

More often than not, what seems like just a strange noise can quickly turn into a plumbing headache. Partially or totally blocked drains will cause air bubbles to form and make your drain start to gurgle. Nip this issue in the bud before it gets worse by checking for partially or completely blocked drains, sewer lines, and vent systems.

Clanging (“Water Hammer”)

Knocking sounds are among the most common and most annoying noises that your plumbing system can make when something’s awry. The pipes in your home can start to make knocking sounds when you flush your toilet, which usually means a water valve is shutting off too soon. 

This is known as the “water hammer,” which happens when water crashes into your valve that’s shutting off early. Since the best way to deal with “water hammer” depends on the age of your home, the team at Miles Plumbing uses a drain inspection camera to assess the next steps and offer the best solution.

Get A Second Opinion on The Sounds Your Drain Is Making

At Miles Plumbing, we believe that every homeowner deserves the peace of mind that comes with a functioning plumbing system. Plumbing issues that are left unfixed until the last minute often leads to property damage and costly repairs. 

Signs that your pipes need to be inspected and cleaned can be hard to notice all the time, so invest in preventive drain and sewer cleaning services sooner rather than later. 

If you suspect that your drains are making noises that you can’t address yourself, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Get in touch with the plumbing pros at Miles Plumbing to get the drain cleaning services you need by calling us at 250-361-4488 or by filling out our online contact form today!